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Surf coaching program

Our philosophy is rooted in the art of personalized coaching, tailored just for you. It's about recognizing the true value of coaching and building trust in the process. We're not your typical group program or class; this is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we focus on what you need, where you want to be, and we make sure to have fun in the process.

We believe good coaching is the most important part of your surfing journey, so teaching you in and out of the water is at the heart of our program.


How We Coach Surfing

We believe that surfing can and should be a fun experience with the right tools and knowledge.

At Blue Surf our value in sharing and teaching the surf fundamentals in a safe and fun environment only strengthens the community of surfers around the world, a community you will part off.

A program for everyone

Who is the program for

It truly doesn’t matter what level you are at, in life you can always grow and learn more. At Blue Surf we are here to work with you on improving and advancing your skills giving you the confidence to surf with the full understanding of your environment.


Meet Lead Surf Coach Toro

Toro has over 17 years experience in Santa Teresa and his love of this stretch of the ocean plays a valuable part in your surf journey with us.

A skilled teacher, a calm and articulate communicator, with a keen sense of safety in the water he knows the breaks and waves off these beaches better than almost anyone else.


Our approach to surfing, for everyone

We take a logical, analytical approach to surfing allowing people of all ages and abilities to get into the sport.

Surfing can be broken down into specific skills, each layer learned and tested before moving onto the next, building confidence and seeing the results over the weeks program with Blue Surf.


Beyond the waves

There are a lot of things which are much easier to communicate out of the water

So we pass along knowledge of surfing including forecasting; board design; in the water we will share etiquette with other surfers, not to mention the time we’ll spend teaching you duck diving, turtle rolling and board agility.

about Pricing

Our coaching packages

Solo Surfer

(price with and without accommodation)

for one-week immersive private coaching program

$2,750 $4,500

Surfing Couple or Buddy

($3,250 PER PERSON)

for one-week immersive private coaching program including lodging


Surfing Family

(based on 2 adults, 2 children)

for one-week immersive private coaching program including lodging


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